Client: More Human | Freelance | 2020
Creative Direction & Design: Jason Kempen | 3D visualisation: Tom Warner
The Brief: More Human is a London-based project management consultancy that specialises in remote teams and digital project delivery. Our aim was to create an identity that felt fresh and contemporary – born of the digital universe, while still making sure that it felt personable and approachable.
The Creative: Our lower-case logotype, with a small wink, becomes a playful device which creates a shorthand for the brand and a 'sticker' device that can be used in multiple applications. In addition, we developed a 3D animated nucleus that represents the organisation and control of a seemingly complicated, chaotic system - a visual analogy of the concept of project management. The colour palette combines trustworthy blues and greys, with a pastel palette of yellow and pink that brings warmth, humour and personality to the design.
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