Client: Cultuurloop | Freelance | 2020
Creative Direction & Design: Jason Kempen
The Brief: Cultuurloop is a business that sits at the intersection of culture change-management and education. The founders required a flexible identity that could work across presentations and their website, with a library of immediately recognisable imagery that could be used to populate their various touchpoint. While dealing with a serious subject, the identity still needed to reflect a warm, approachable and playful energy.
The Creative: We decided to use the concept of a Möbius strip – a loop with only one surface, and one boundary. A visual representation of how all the parts of a culture follow one road, one direction and one truth. This concept uses a combination of colour and 3D forms to create textures, shadows and a sense of depth. A custom shoot with out own constructed loops allowed us to create a bank of images that are at once enigmatic, purposeful and lively.
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