Client: Other Widows | Freelance | 2020
Creative Direction & Design: Jason Kempen | Illustration: Max Baitinger | Visualisation: Frankie Forzoni
The Brief: For the launch of this range of Blanc de Noirs Champagnes, the client wanted to step away from the regular cliches of traditional french Champagne labels, while still maintaining premium cues that would still ensure a quality perception and justify the price-point.
The Creative: As this is a Blanc de Noirs (black-skinned grapes) produced by craft champagne company, Other Widows, we settled on the name "The Black Widow". Paired with cheeky and playful illustrations by Max Baitinger, we brought the unsung Champagne widows to life in a range that stands out amongst competitors and appeals to a younger, more daring audience.
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